You want to buy acorns internationally, from different countries? You can do it here 🙂. Here you can also buy rare acorns. And lots of seeds from other species, usually climate warming resistant species.

Please note: Since many acorns sold/sown here come from arboretums (distributed all over the world), it cannot be ruled out that hybridization occurs with the acorns and oaks sold here (we do not carry out genetic analysis). 100% species safety cannot be guaranteed in this shop.

The small project “Quercus acorns from all over the world” is a seed project for enthusiasts. Here acorns and seeds, which are expressly NOT intended for forestry (!), from different regions of the world can be purchased. All acorns and seeds have been collected fresh in season and are stored in a cool place (in moist soil). Acorns are stored no more than 6 months.

In addition to oak species, you will also find many other tree species, which are also very robust against the effects of global warming. E.g. pines, cedars, cypresses and more.

Maybe you too are one of those people who enjoy growing a tree “from scratch”. Putting the acorn or seed in the ground, watering it and waiting for it to grow into a tree…This can be a very exciting project and you may be able to spend your entire life watching “your tree” grow and flourish.

Acorns and other seeds purchased here (they are distributed only in very small quantities) can be used, for example, in the home garden, a botanical garden or an arboretum. Seeding in forests is expressly not permitted.

Buy acorns and support a climate and animal protection project

Frankly speaking, the acorns or seeds are/are not quite cheap. This is because they are either collected by hand or purchased in small quantities by collectors. In addition, the purchase or sale of the seeds sometimes requires a phytosanitary certificate and many many complex formalities (especially if the acorns come from non-EU countries). See also shipping costs. It is therefore a project for “plant enthusiasts”, collectors, tree nerds (meant positively) and people who perhaps want to see a very special species of oak or else a very climate-resistant tree growing in their garden.

The proceeds from the project will be used for climate and species protection measures of the project “500 AKA – 500 people active for climate and species protection in the city and district of Osnabrück”.
( as well as an operated mercy farm (the “Gnadenhof Brödel”, see

A corresponding import and export permit of the supplier of these acorns according to the Plant Health Regulation (EU) 2016/20311 and the Growing Materials Regulation (AGOZV) is of course available.

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