Acorns for sale / purchase acorns

You want to sell acorns? That’s a good idea. Going out to collect in nature, feeling the sun on the tip of your nose, the wind in your hair and still collecting valuable natural products… While collecting, you sharpen your senses, experience some pleasant hours and can even contribute something to genetic diversity.

And in fact, you can (maybe) increase the purse a little bit with it. If necessary, we carry out a purchase of acorns.

It is important that the acorns are fresh, do not have wormholes, if possible, some acorn caps with them. You can also do the quality test. If you put the acorns in a water bath and acorns float on top, then they are not so good. However, the others that do not swim in the water, they can be interesting for us.

Also important: you should know what kind of species it is that you have collected. Only then can we say whether this one is interesting for resale or not. Feel free to write us here: Contact. Then we can tell you if these acorns are interesting for us.

Please note, however, if you want to sell acorns: If you send us acorns from non-EU countries, you must first obtain a “Phytosanitaire certificate”, otherwise we can not buy the acorns. We would cover the cost of the certificate and transportation if necessary (it depends on the type of oak). Feel free to send us a photo of the acorns and the corresponding tree as well.

Sell acorns

Sell acorns

Sell acorns