Acacia retinodes (ever-flowering acacia)

The seeds come from a collection from November 2023 in southern Italy.

Acacia retinodes (ever-flowering acacia) is originally from Australia. The growth height is (usually) 2-5 meters.
This plant definitely needs protection in winter as it is not frost hardy.



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Acacia retinodes (ever-flowering acacia)

The seeds (60 seeds) are sent moistened in a soil mixture.


For germination of seeds is recommended to first put them in a water bath for 24 hours. Then they go into a damp (not wet, not dripping) mixture of earth and sand. It is best to refrigerate them for 40-50 days, they should also be placed outside for a few/different (!) nights (in case of frost). It is recommended to always check if they germinate. After the procedure: In the spring, put in plant pots and grow in a sunny place. However, be careful: young seedlings need slightly shady places in midsummer.

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60 seeds