Pinus mugho var ‘mughus’ (mountain pine, krummholz pine)

The seeds come from a collection from October 2023 in Italy. Slow-growing, resistant to global warming. Shallow rooter. This plant is undemanding and tolerates lime. Hardy. Occurrence: Alps, mountains of the Balkans.

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Pinus mugho var ‘mughus’ (mountain pine, krummholz pine)

The seeds (30 seeds) are sent moistened in a soil mixture.


For germination of seeds is recommended to first put them in a water bath for 24 hours. Then they go into a damp (not wet, not dripping) mixture of earth and sand. It is best to refrigerate them for 90 (!!) days, they should also be placed outside for DIVERSE (!) nights (in frosty weather). It is recommended to always check if they germinate. After the procedure: In the spring, put in plant pots and grow in a sunny place. However, be careful: young seedlings need slightly shady places in midsummer.

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