Quercus macrocarpa (Boer Oak)

Acorns are from a September/October 2023 harvest (Canada, Manitoba). The climate warming resistant species is originally found in North America and is still very rare in Central Europe. The acorns get very little tannic acid and are edible due to their sweet taste.

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Boer oak (Quercus macrocarpa)

Quercus macrocarpa (burr oak): Acorns are from a September 2023 collection in Canada (Manitoba). These are stored in a mixture of sand kept cool. Care is taken to ensure that only intact acorns (without worm bites, etc.) are shipped. A swimming test is also carried out for this purpose. Here you will find a lot of information about the Bur Oak.

The acorns are shipped in a bag with slightly moistened soil mixture. It is recommended to store them in a slightly wet soil mixture in the refrigerator for about 4 weeks before planting. Please keep acorns away from small children (risk of ingestion).

Bur oaks are soil tolerant, but they like weakly acidic soils best.

Quercus Macrocarpa
Quercus Macrocarpa
Quercus Macrocarpa
Quercus Macrocarpa

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