Exchange acorns

You might want to trade acorns? Feel free to write to us about it 🙂


Buying special acorns, unfortunately, is not quite cheap. Especially if these are relatively rare and difficult to obtain (customs regulations), this can have an impact on the price. However, there is also the possibility of exchanging them. This reduces the price effort quite enormously. Please note: Even in the case of an exchange, the shipping conditions (and a phytosanitaire certificate, if applicable) must be observed by both parties. The terms of exchange (“how many acorns in exchange for which acorns?”) are to be freely negotiated. This is not only cheap but also a real fun 🙂 Acorns are a currency to stabilize a (possibly) threatened gene pool.

Which acorns are currently in stock here you can find out in our store. Write us with pleasure also with a temporal advance: If necessary, we can then go in search of acorns from surrounding trees or order somewhat larger quantities at a purchase.

Exchange acorns