100 acorns from 20 species of oak (freshly collected) from different countries.


110 acorns of 22 oak species (freshly collected) from different countries. Some very rare (and endangered) species. Diverse species very climate robust.
The special gift for oak and tree lovers

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Shipped 5 acorns each (100 acorns) from 20 species of oak.
The acorns were picked up in September/October 2023 by different collectors in different locations around the world.
These are currently stored in a cold store in moist soil.

The species are as follows:

* Quercus faginae (Portuguese oak), Southern Europe
* Quercus ilex (holm oak), Southern Europe
* Quercus pyrenaica, Southern Europe
* Quercus cerris (Turkey oak), Southern Europe

* Quercus mexicana (Mexican oak), Mexico
* Quercus hypoxantha, Mexico (Extremely rare! Hard to obtain)
* Quercus saltillensis, Mexico (Very rare, difficult to obtain).
* Quercus depressa (low oak), Mexico
* Quercus aff. miquihuanensis, Mexico (Newly discovered species, the final scientific confirmation of this new discovery is not yet completed).

* Quercus macrocarpa (burr oak), North America
* Quercus rubra Aurea (golden red oak), North America
* Quercus acerifolia (Maple-leaved Oak), North America, rare species.
* Quercus parvula (Santa Cruz Oak), North America/California
* Quercus heterophylla (Bartram’s oak), North America
* Quercus illicifolia (scrub oak), North America
* Quercus rubra (red oak), North America

* Quercus wutaishanica (Liaoning oak), Asia

* Quercus x andegavensis (Pyrenean Oak Karlsaue), Central Europe
* Quercus petraea (Sessile Oak), Central Europe
* Quercus robur (English oak), Central Europe

Acorns are shipped in various bags (labeled) with a moistened soil mixture.
Various species (the species from Southern Europe, North America, Asia, Central Europe) must first be stratified for germination. Best to store very cool in moistened sand for 4-5 weeks (in the refrigerator),
if necessary, leave outside in the frost for a few nights (or even a few weeks). The so-called “stratification” breaks down germination inhibitors.
Important 1: Please check regularly for the seedlings. Once they germinate, in any case, do not expose them to frost (!).
Important 2: Even with these species there are “outliers”. It is always possible that individual acorns of these species germinate already in the mail, or after a few days in the refrigerator.

The acorns from Mexico are about to germinate.
Best placed indoors (temperatures above 0 degrees, like 17,18,19 degrees) in a slightly damp soil mixture on the windowsill.
It is often helpful to cover the planters with a semi-transparent paper (parchment paper, baking paper) so that the temperatures rise a bit when the sun is shining.

Attention: Collected acorns NEVER germinate 100% (!). As a rule, germination of 70%-80% can be expected.
Especially for species from North America, Southern Europe, Asia, Central Europe, it may take several months (sometimes even 4 or 5) to germinate.

Various information about oak species can be found on the Internet (for example, on the site http://quercus.guru).
In principle, shipping to non-EU countries is also possible (unfortunately very expensive due to a required “Phytosanitaire certificate”). For this, please contact us directly. Other oak species and other seeds can also be found at http://quercus.guru. Please store acorns away from children (risk of ingestion).

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