Quercus rubra Aurea – Golden Red Oak

Quercus rubra Aurea: This tree grows up to 15 meters high. The crown is very spreading and can reach a width of up to 9 meters. The leaves are broad-oval and pointed.

Already in the summer the leaf color turns greenish-yellow. From October, Quercus rubra Aurea stands for the “Indian Summer”. The leaves bloom in the most magnificent shades of orange to scarlet, attracting all eyes.

Overall, this tree is quite unpretentious and is often used as an urban tree. It likes sunny places but also semi-shade. Quercus rubra Aurea is frost hardy and tolerates road salt. Concrete sealing or paving, however, she does not like. It is easily transplanted and disease resistant.

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Quercus rubra Aurea - Golden Red Oak
Quercus rubra Aurea – Golden Red Oak