Quercus faginea (Portuguese oak, Zen oak)

Quercus faginea (Portuguese oak, Zen oak) can reach growth heights of up to 20 meters and trunk diameters of up to 80 cm. The maximum age is 600 years.

Pollination of this species of oak is carried out by the wind. Quercus faginae is often found in Portugal, Spain as well as northwestern Africa. It also grows very frequently in the Balearic Islands.

The wood is often used as firewood or tree wood. The acorns are popular in the Iberian Peninsula for fattening pigs.

It is interesting that the leaves change color after the growing season, but do not fall off the tree. This happens only when the leaves sprout in the following year.

Quercus faginea likes calcareous soils. Often they grow together in communities with cork, Pyrenean and oak. It is resistant to the climatic stresses of cold, drought and thermal contrasts.

Some interesting pictures of this oak species can be found here: http://www.mittelmeerflora.de/Zweikeim/Fagaceae/querc_faginea.htm