City climate suitable Climate Warming Resistant Other trees (except oaks)
3.2.2024: Cedrus libani (Cedar of Lebanon)

Cedrus Libani (Lebanon cedar) is highly resistant to global warming. It can grow to be over 1000 years old and up to 50 meters high.

The Lebanon cedar grows along the Mediterranean coast, in Lebanon and in parts of Anatolia. In Europe, the tree is predicted to have a golden future due to global warming.


Climate Warming Resistant Other trees (except oaks)
29.1.24: Pinus bungeana (Temple Pine)

Pinus bungeana (temple pine) is originally from China and Korea.

It grows as an evergreen tree and reaches heights of up to 25 meters. The trunk can have a diameter of up to 3 meters. Pinus bungeana likes limestone but also acidic soils. It often grows in the mountains.

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