Quercus x andegavensis (Pyrenean Oak Karlsaue)

Quercus x andegavensis (Pyrenean Oak Karlsaue) is a cross between Quercus pyrenaica and Quercus robur. The variety “Karlsaue” comes from the Karlsaue Palace Park in Kassel.

It is considered to be moisture tolerant and (currently) suitable for urban climates. The tree can grow up to 30 meters high.

Some pictures: https://www.cardiffparks.org.uk/trees/roathpark-botanic/quercus-x-andegavensis.php

The acorns can be purchased here: https://quercus.guru/produkt/quercus-x-andegavensis/

Quercus x andegavensis
Quercus x andegavensis