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Buy oaks. The sale of seedlings starts. 21.06.2024

Buying oak trees is now possible here. Small seedlings at first. We didn’t get rid of all the acorns last year, so many of them could be sown. The germination rate was very good (around 85%), at least if the soil mixture was properly cared for.

Buy oaks

In this first year, various species from Mexico, some from Asia and also species from the south of the USA are distributed, including some very rare bangers. We use the proceeds to cover the costs of our Brödel sanctuary in Melle and our climate and species protection measures(http://umweltschutz-und-lebenshilfe.de). In the fall, the sale of acorns of all kinds begins again. Take a look at our oak store: https://quercus.guru/shop/.

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16.06.2024: Mexican oak species

Mexican oak species

The work at the oak nursery is wonderful. It is grounding (in the truest sense of the word), it decelerates, and it is an absolute privilege to “work” with oak species, some of which have become very rare, and which sometimes only exist in small
corners of the world. Fortunately, there are many, many collectors all over the world, and we use the proceeds to finance part of our animal and species protection measures.
In the pictures you can see many Mexican oak species. The leaves look very different from those of oaks, but they are still Quercus specimens. Here you can see, for example: Quercus depressa, Quercus jolonensis (USA), Quercus hypoxantha, Quercus douglasii (USA), Quercus hypoleucoides, Quercus aff. miqhuihuanensis, Quercus sinuata var breviloba.

Animal company

You always have a lot of company when working at the oak breeding station. The storks rattle and rumble, it won’t be long before the two young storks fly out.
Right next to the oak station is our infirmary for our poultry. We currently have some ducks and chickens (along with their husbands/wives) here due to various fox attacks. Some were seriously injured and are treated 2 to 3 times a day.
They are slowly recovering and will fortunately survive the fox attacks.
Ducks in particular are very social animals (similar to geese),
that their partners need in everyday life, which is why they are treated here as a group. Two young ducks hatched by a wild duck are very funny (and fortunately unharmed).
One of the ducks appears to be a hybrid between a dwarf duck and a wild duck. The two tiny creatures do everything together and entertained me very well during the oak treatment today 🙂

Unfortunately, the foxes have taken various animals from the forest (the place is teeming with fox dens). Unfortunately, that’s part of it. It is impossible to completely fence off the 4 hectares of grace farm land from foxes and the puppies are also hungry.
Next to the infirmary (hermetically fenced) and the oak ward are some flowering meadows that we have planted. The meadow daisy is currently in bloom, as are St. John’s wort, meadow knapweed and meadow bedstraw.
Sheep and goats graze there on separate areas in the sense of staggered mowing. After mowing, they move on to other areas. On the claws and in the fur: seeds. In this way, they played cab for biodiversity.
And this is also wonderfully relaxing and alleviates the everyday hassle of “normal work” in the office.

Promoting diversity

Ok, Mexican oak species are not necessarily a benefit for the native fauna, but it still makes sense to preserve, nurture and care for these species too. Just like many other oak species from all over the world.

Quercus greggii
Quercus greggii
17.3.24: Sales season 1 almost completed, sales season 2 starting soon

Many acorns from different countries were sold to collectors. The remaining acorns are now gradually planted and grown. As soon as they are big enough, they are also sold. Between the rows of plants, beech seedlings provide a pleasant climate.

In some cases (for calcareous oak species) lime gravel is mixed into the soil substrate, and coffee powder for acidic soils. And a pair of storks live above the small tree nursery and are happy that it is growing and thriving.

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Quercus pubescens (downy oak)

Quercus pubescens (downy oak) occurs from southern Europe through southern central and western Europe to western and central Asia Minor. It can grow up to 25 meters high. Their maximum age is 500 years. It is considered to be very resistant to global warming and tolerates moderate night frosts.

More info: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flaumeiche

Store: https://quercus.guru/produkt/quercus-pubescens/

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Castanea sativa (sweet chestnut, sweet chestnut)

Castanea sativa is a classic winner of the climate crisis. A positive future is predicted for the sweet chestnut. It is the only European representative of the chestnut genus.

It is cultivated in southern and western Europe in particular for its edible fruit and wood. The fruits are also known as chestnuts. They have a high proportion of carbohydrates and starch. The protein content is higher than in cereals but lower than in potatoes.

Castanea sativa grows up to 35 meters high. The trunk circumference can be up to 4 meters. In Western Europe, sweet chestnuts can live for up to 1000 years.

The sweet chestnut is classically found in western France, southern Italy and Spain, but also in Ireland and Great Britain.

Store: https://quercus.guru/produkt/castanea-sativa/

More information on Wikipeda

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Pinus Pinea (Mediterranean pine, Italian stone pine)

Pinus Pinea (Mediterranean pine, Italian stone pine) grows to heights of up to 30 meters and a diameter of up to 2 meters at the breast. The root depth of the Mediterranean pine is often relatively shallow. The natural distribution area of the pine is in the northern Mediterranean region.

Pine nuts are widely used in the food industry. A single tree produces up to 60 kilograms of seeds.

More info: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pinie

Store: https://quercus.guru/produkt/pinus-pinea/

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Pinus Pinaster (Bordeaux pine, maritime pine)

Pinus Pinaster (Bordeaux pine, maritime pine) originates from the western Mediterranean region. This tree is also found in Algeria and Morocco.

It can live up to 300 years. It can grow to a height of up to 40 meters. The tree forms a strong taproot (very deep). Even in annual seedlings, the taproot is longer than the shoot.

More info: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/See-Kiefer

Store: https://quercus.guru/produkt/pinus-pinaster/