Platanus orientalis (Oriental plane tree, Oriental plane tree)

Platanus orientalis is found especially in southern Europe (Sicily, Greece). In general, their range is huge. It is found in the Middle East, Central Asia and even in the Himalayan region.

It reaches growth heights of up to 30 meters and is often used as a street tree. The trunk can become so extensive that in the Middle East even rooms are built into it. The crown of the tree can become very sprawling.

The flowering period is in May. Pollination occurs through the wind.

Oriental plane trees can excellently cope with heat and drought. They do not tolerate waterlogging of any kind. Platanus orientalis likes full sun and is a classic light tree. It is considered sufficiently frost-hardy and can therefore thrive in Central Europe. Genrell it is also considered a very wind-resistant tree. See also:

The wood of the oriental plane tree is considered to be vulnerable outdoors and is therefore more commonly used indoors.

Meanwhile, the Ortientplatane is increasingly used in non-native forests due to its climate resistance. The flaking bark provides shelter for many insects. It also protects other trees with its storm resistance. Due to its spreading branches, it provides shade for soils and prevents them from drying out.

It copes with almost all soils.

Probably the most famous Oriental plane tree is the “plane tree of Hippocrates” on the Greek island of Kos. According to legend, it was planted by Hippocrates himself. Later he taught his students under the tree. However, the plane tree should be “only” about 500 years old. It has been a natural monument since 1985.

For germination of seeds is recommended to first put them in a water bath for 24 hours. Then they go into a damp (not wet, not dripping) mixture of earth and sand. Optimal is to cool this 90 (!!) days, if necessary, they can be placed outside for a few nights (in frost). It is recommended to always check if they germinate. After the procedure: In the spring, put in plant pots and grow in a sunny place. However, be careful: young seedlings need slightly shady places in midsummer.

The seeds of the oriental plane tree can be bought here.